Monday, 2 April 2018

Feature Day at Gecko Galz

This month its 'Garden Bliss' so after doing something digital on the previous post I wanted to make something, albeit using Craft Artist 2 again.

I tried making a minizine a fair few years ago and well, lets just say it was umm, okay.. I gave it Delia as a little present and she smiled and said thank you. Probably still lurking in the dark recess of some drawer. UhUh.

This time I impressed myself - I love it when I do this.Makes me feel like a proper crafter!

So, this is how to make a mini zine:

Tip: I used 300gsm card and it folded and shaped a lot better than something lighter. I also practised with a piece of copy paper first - and you can see the folds in it as well.

Take an A4 piece of paper and fold & score it in half as in a5 card blank so you have a central crease.

Lay it flat and fold one side in to the central crease,

then repeat with the other side, so it looks like this:

and closed:

then fold over on its self:

then again:

Open it back up and cut along the crease as in the picture:

Open the paper up and it should look like this with a slit along the middle where the scissors are placed.

fold it length ways and 'push' the paper apart

so it folds itself:

then fold it flat in to a little book

Once I'd folded, creased and folded again, I selected which three images I wanted to use and then browsed  The Quote Garden (my new favourite site!) and picked four quotes, one for the front and one opposite each image. I took everything into CAP2 and sized a green coloured square to 3.50 x 2.50 (atc size) and then added an image on top - I did this for each piece, so each one matched. It sounds complicated but it was the quickest matting and layering ever!

Then it was time to printout and construct my minizine, I added a few green pearls to finish it off.

Amanda xx

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Gecko Galz - Garden Bliss

Over on the Gecko Galz blog, the challenge for April is 'Garden Bliss'. Feel free to join in and have a play - there is only one rule, and that is you need to use at least ONE product from Gecko Galz shop or it can be one of the free products, stamps, collage images, or digital papers!! The winner will receive a whopping Spring-loaded $50 Gecko Galz shopping spree!

My garden, termed rather loosely, is one of my favourite places - if I'm not in the garden I have the front door open so I can hear the bird song and our chickens chortling. We've just put up a 6x6 wooden greenhouse. in which there will be tomato plants, lettuce etc - cannot wait to get going!
Its not a very scenic garden by any stretch of the imagination but there are shrubs and a few flowers and a lovely big Twisted Hazel tree which I had for my birthday. So I definitely feel  Garden Bliss.

'Floral Symphony Paper Kit'
'Free Birds Craft Kit'

I used the floral paper as my backing paper then overlaid the muscial one on top and altered the transparency of it so you can just see the notes in the background. The four birds came from the Craft Kit and I just placed them onto the page. The quote came from The Quote Garden.

Amanda xx 

For these and many more designs, check out Gecko Galz on Etsy.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Featured day at Gecko Galz

March's challenge is Springtime in Paris, so in carrying on with that tagline I made 3 atc's - ,

The first & last papers come from 'Tres Chic Atc Backs', the middle from 'Marie's Garden', the decoupaged Eiffel Tower topper came from the design sheet from the last post, the words came out of an old Dictionary. The end atc with the glass cabochon is my favourite, a definite keeper in my 'crafty treasure' box. 

For these and many more designs, check out the Gecko Galz shop!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Springtime in Paris

Over on the Gecko Galz blog, the challenge for March is 'Springtime in Paris'. Feel free to join in and have a play - there is only one rule, and that is you need to use at least ONE product from the Gecko Galz but it can also be one of the free products, stamps, collage images, or digital papers!! The winner will receive a $25 Gecko Galz shopping spree!

So today, I've made an A5 card - I was going to do a 'stand-up' card but decided it should be a proper folded card, I might make a cream box for it to go in rather than use an envelope.

I used a paper from the Parisian Dreams Paper Pack, printed it out twice, one for the background and one to use as decoupage, although I only decoupaged the bigger Eiffel Tower image, I did cut out the smaller one, but didn't use it as the flowers were going to be covering a part of it.

The flowers and the embellishments came from Craft Box - I love the little vintage cabouchon - must try and get some more of these, I used another in another project..... posting tomorrow.

The sentiment I found whilst tidying up my desk so I could get a space to work..... normal sized desk - actual work space the size of an A4 paper *lol*

Amanda x

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Little girl frame

One of my friends had a little baby girl and I wanted to make a little gift for her, this is the practice sample - I forgot to take a photo of the finished gift.

Originally I was going to put the meaning of her name, but as its got a Religious connotation and my friend is anything but, I decided to put her date of birth and weight.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Butterfly Wheel is C

Over at Butterfly Blog, a new format for the fortnightly challenge has begun with three colours & three themes, its upto the player to choose!

this weeks letter is C and I picked Butterfly with Cornflower Blue and Corners - with a bit of crimson  and cream thrown in! The backing paper which was a magazine freebie has cornflower blue and cream flowers on it. I used a piece of co-ordinating cream paper cut to fit the corner to contrast the card. Then die cut two butterflies, one to match cornflower blue and the other to match the darker blue ink. Lastly added a few red gems to highlight the crimson in the backing paper.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Post me a card

Not been in my Debbi Moore stash drawer for ages, so I thought I'd make a quick card using some bits n bobs from one of the magazines. There was a butterfly already on the post card but I used a matching but bigger embellishment to cover it. Also not used a doily for a while, so just had to add one. Last of my flowered ric rac as well, just have to remember where I got it from!